Watch Film "Born into brothels"

I would like to introduce the film "Born into brothels" to you. This is a documentary film of unhappy lives of children at a 'red light dictrict' (a neighbourhood where prostitution and other businesses in sex industry flourish) in India. The film reflects an aspect of our real society, particularly, squalid and benighted lives in our mordern world. This film focused on unfortunate children who were born into brothels and had have difficult lives, they lived in hopelessness. As normal children, they have lovely dreams, they have rational hopes, but these are likely never turned into the real unless there are external helps, there are people as Zana Briski (A western woman in the film and a co-director of the film as well) to come and help them. Let watch the film and understand their lives, sympathize with them and reflect on reality of our life, reflect on our own lives.
I was watched this film through a paper in my learning programs in which we have to watch some movies like that and analyse them, and think of them in psychological perspectives. I am deeply grateful to my teacher who gave me an opportunity to open my eyes, open my mind. I hope this film will give you some significant ideas relevant to your life.

This is the first part:

The second part:

The Third part:

The fourth part:

The Fifth part:

The Sixth part:

The seventh part:

The Eighth part:

And the last part:

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