Free Kaspersky Internet Security CBE 10 for 3 months and Lifetime

Kaspersky Security Suite CBE is a security protection software for Windows system that incorporates anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti-spam email blocker functionalities into one. Kaspersky Security Suite CBE has all the major features of the commercial version of Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 10, where KSS CBE has the version of In addition, at the request of Computer Bild, developer has further optimized Kaspersky Security Suite CBE. It is in German. However, there is no Problem, I will show you how to change its appearence from German to English. 
How to Get Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10 :

1. Go to this page, fill up the form to create an account at

2. Check your email. You should get an email from  Computer Bild with a link to active your account. Click that link.

3. Now visit this page, enter your user-name, password and click on “login” button.

4. After login you redirecting to a new page which looks like the image given bellow. Check the 2nd box  (means - Request for the Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10 license key) and click the “Lizenzschlüssel anfordern” button.

5. Again check your email , you get your Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10 key (they always send same key to all)

6. Download Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10 and install it but all the installation process is in German and there is no solution to install it in English.

7. After install Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10 successfully run it and click on Einstellungen button which open Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10's setting window.

8.  Now Click Einstellungen button then uncheck Selbstschutz aktiveren. Click OK to close this window.

9. To transform the language from German to English, follow the steps:

  1. Open the loc folder in the folder of Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10 which you have installed on your computer, the directory usually like this: C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10\Skin\loc  (it depends on your hard-dish name)
  2. In Loc Folder, you will see two folder: de and en. Change the name of en folder to de, and de folder to en (tip: you should change en to de-1 or so, change de to en, and then change de-1 to de. This is to avoid create the same folder-name).
10. Now restart your PC and Run Kaspersky Internet Security 2010/Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10. You see that it convert to english.
When your KIS 2010 license's expiry date come just follow Steps 3&4 to renewal your key for next 91 days. Now you can use KIS 2010 free for lifetime.

To have a completely Same look as KIS 2010 :
  1. Download the zip file Official from .
  2. Choose Extract Here to extract the folder Official Skin. Remember don’t select extract to Official Skin folder.
  3. Open the main interface by right Clicking on the tray icon
  4. Now Click on Settings as shown in the picture. It will open the Settings window.
  5. Now select the Appearence menu under Options in the Left Panel.
  6. Now as shown select Use alternative skin under Skins in the Right Panel as shown in the picture and use the Browse button to locate the extracted Official Skin folder. Click on Ok to confirm the changes.
  7. Now look at the interface.
  8. Also see the tray icon is changed to the original one.
  9. That’s it, now you have the registered version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for protecting your computer from Cyber Threats.
  10. Cheers… Any problems, you can contact me: Good luck!

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