EasyRecoveryData, Prof Version 6

Especially, this is a Portable version, it means you don't need to install it, just save it on your computer and click to open and use it whenever you want.

EasyRecovery™ software products offer home users or businesses complete solutions for their data recovery, file repair and disk diagnostic needs.

EasyRecovery™ Professional

Complete solution for your data recovery needs
Includes capabilities of EasyRecovery DataRecovery, EasyRecovery FileRepair and EasyRecovery EmailRepair
Plus advanced data recovery options and Data Advisor® diagnostic features
General capabilities – data recovery, file repair, disk diagnostics
For all operating systems – RawRecovery Module– support for over 400 specific file signatures.
For Windows – AdvancedRecovery and additional Modules – capable of locating all directories and unlimited file types
Repair options for Microsoft Outlook and Email files – Outlook(PST, OST), Outlook Express (DBX), Word (DOC), Excel (XLS), Access Database (MDB), PowerPoint (PPT) and Zip (ZIP)
EasyRecovery™ DataRecovery

Simple solution for your data recovery needs

General capabilities – data recovery, file repair
Recovery capabilities – any operating system and media type
File repair capabilities – Zip (ZIP)
EasyRecovery™ Lite

Click here to download it

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